On The Matter Wording

I have been thinking about this a lot. Our wording. Like how do we differentiation between an US-American and a Canadian-American and a person born of one Candain parent and one US-American? Well I have been thinking, here are my ideas. For an American from the US we could use: Union-American, Washington-American, Washingtonian, or simply … Continue reading On The Matter Wording

An open letter to a friend

(Sadly Mr. Beast did not go through with the plan. He did make a cameo sadly, it was not the moment of glory I was hoping for) Last night my friend commented on my post: Saturday ratings #2: SUB TO PEWS. While I would recommend reading the comment to better understand what I am talking about. While the comment did give me some thought-provoking time. It was not for the right reason. By him trying to "gatekeep" the internet. (Gatekeeping … Continue reading An open letter to a friend