The fall of Justin Trudeau?

The Prime Minster has been in some hot water as of late. This has been covered by many Canadians, and if you to get caught up, I would recommend Philly D's wonderful video. Which I will link here. So with this in mind, we must ask ourselves. Can Trudeau ever recover from this? Well, maybe. … Continue reading The fall of Justin Trudeau?

Michael S. Brown’s thoughts on unity

(This post was written by my friend Michael S. Brown, he is a wise man I hope y'all enjoy his writings as much as I do!) I would like to discuss a small part of the benefits to having a united Canada and America. First off, let’s discuss the potential economic benefits toward the United States and Canada becoming one nation. Obviously free trade between both societies with a complete lack of border would allow businesses to expand … Continue reading Michael S. Brown’s thoughts on unity