Saturday rantings: Further unity?

A comment by my friend on a post earlier called for unity with other English speaking nations. The question is, should we? Well it should would bring in more income, but are all English nations fit to be within one Goverment? Has there ever been a republic that has had so many nations in it … Continue reading Saturday rantings: Further unity?


An open letter to a friend

(Sadly Mr. Beast did not go through with the plan. He did make a cameo sadly, it was not the moment of glory I was hoping for) Last night my friend commented on my post: Saturday ratings #2: SUB TO PEWS. While I would recommend reading the comment to better understand what I am talking about. While the comment did give me some thought-provoking time. It was not for the right reason. By him trying to "gatekeep" the internet. (Gatekeeping … Continue reading An open letter to a friend