104 years

It has been 104 years since the horrific genocide on the Armenian pepole. You most likely know the numbers and stats. I will not bother you with having to see then again.

While many seek to denouce the awful event. Some fools seek to say it has never happen. Of crouse there will always be bigots who look at truth and claim they see lies. However this is different.

I’m an American nationalist. I do not deny the horrors slavery brought. I do not deny the horrors my pepole did on the native Americans.

However, to be a Turkish nationalist, it seems you must deny any wrong doings done by the young Turks.

I must ask, why? Is it becuase Turky is a racist nation? Is it becuase all Turks are evil? No, its becuase Turky is a Islamist dictatorship, lead by a man who is willing to do anything to keep power.

So as most dictators do, they find something to hate on. Sometimes it is justified, like Ceaser’s hatred of the corrupt government of Rome.

However the Turkish dictator Erdoğan seeks to hate on non-Turks and those dissentful of his government. Though this hate he warps the the minds of countless Turks.

As the minds of the innocent become warped, they lose their ability to see the truth. All the know is what Erdoğan wants them to know.

It is time we fight Turky, boycott them. Refuse them trade, refuse them power. We must stop them from joining the EU. We can not allow a dictatorship to just try away with bigotry and hate.

I hope one day the Turkish people can one day see the truth and free them selves from darkness. Thank you for reading, dont hurt yourself, God bless!

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