Our lady cries

(I would like to state that while I am a catholic this is not a catholic blog. This post is meant from the pan Americanst point of view)

As a great simple of the west burns, countless faithful cried. In both horror, pain, sadness and, so much more.

No words can truly describe the amount that was lost. In truth while I am grateful that none of the holy relics were destroyed, we did lose the great spire of that cathedral.

The cathedral hold so much History. From being the place when Napoleon crowned himself as emperor of Europe. To being where Charles de Gual held a mass after the liberation of Paris from the nazi occupiers. This cathedral is an integral parts of our Western history.

So not only to my fellow catholics, but my fellow westerners I say we may of lost much of that greats cathedral but there is hope as a speak millions of dollars are being raised to help rebuild the cathedral. The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, has even said he wants it rebuild within 5 Years.

Hopefully westerners from all faiths, from all creeds, from all politics, from all walks of life, can rally together and look back on the loss we take and this holy week and how we can rebuild. Thank you for reading, don’t hurt yourself, and God bless

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