The rapist, the traitor, the hero.

(For this piece I will refer to Chelsea Manning as just Manning, as I will talk about Manning before transition and the timeline would get confusing)

So its finally happen. Julian Assange is now in jail. After years of hiding in an embassy, he is now under arrest for crimes. While I am sadden that he most likely will be sent to the us, and not Sweden.

While I do support his arrest, I do think he should be sent to Sweden for his charges of rape and the alike. Some of the most horrific crimes a human could ever do. However, he will be sent to the US to face charges of computer hacking, with Manning.

Speaking of Manning, let’s talk about this Tratior shall we? Manning had leaked sensitive information without taking the speaks needed to protect live. There is an unknown about of blood on Mannings hands. And Assage too. Neither of them did anything to stop the lost of life. They are both egomaniacs with a messiah complex.

This might seem like I’m pretty harsh on whistle blowers, but I’m not. I’m harsh on some of them but not all. In truth many can be heros.

Such as Edward Snowden, who when he exposed the horrors of his time, he ensured no life would be lost. No one would be physically harmed. Snowden is a hero.

That is why I think Manning shouldn’t of gotten anything from Obama, and I think Snowden should get a full pardon. And should be placed in a special role over the NSA to ensure no spying is being done.

Our republic is fragile, and without whistle blowers it could fall. But it must be done right. Causing death is treason, exposing the truth is heroism. Thank you for realing, dont harm yourself, God bless!

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