The East African Federation, and where it fits in with Panism

If we where to have every nation in Africa be independent, every people group to be free. There would be total chaos. There would be so many new countries, new governments, new rivalries. The fragile peace, held by strings of wool, of Africa would crash and burn, the whole landmass would be thrown into war.

There are simply to many people groups in Africa, to many tribes, to many nations to fully give each group it’s own land without leading to war. Unless I am wrong, and the African people want that, multi-national unions are needed.

While time and time again, these states have failed, there is hope. The East African Federation, is a kinda a proto-country and sudo-EU thing. It is it’s own thing in truth, and if you don’t know much about I would ask you to do the research on your own.

Now what the EAF has a chance to become one of the, if not the first, successful multi-national countries in Africa. While other multi-national countries have existed, and succeeded, before none have, to my knowledge, existed in the African context.

Think of the UK, it is a mutli-national country. These are hard to do as you must balance all nations within your borders. This becomes hard when, in most chances, there is an imbalance of political power, economic power and, population. Like how England has more political sway, economic strength and, people then the Isle of Man.

While you could pull a USSR or Rome whereas you give one nation sole power, these aren’t, well, allowed in the modern era. Unless you’re the PRC and get away with selling organs of falun dafa members.

So the EAF has a long road ahead of it. It much find balance in order to bring peace. It will be amazing to watch how they grow into a sovereign state, if at all. There is always a chance this could fail. However, I hope they do make it. As it could bring peace to Africa. Thank you for reading, don’t hurt yourself, God bless!

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