Germany started WWI

Yes that is click bait. I am trying to gain readers here, so bear with me.

So no, the German Empire that fought in France, became the Wiemar Republic, had Kaiser will, etc. did NOT start The Great war. Austria hungry did. Or well, in the sense that their mishandling of the Serbia issue lead to an increase of tensions between the two sides.

Now Germany and Austria are perfect examples of the reason I make a distinction between Nation and Country. I often point to them as a reason why a disunited nation often leads to disaster. As one part of the nation will naturally become wealthier then the other, causing the lesser part to seek to expand. Often into land it has no right being in. This effect lead to Austria-Hungry becoming the sick man of Europe. As she sought to match the might of her German sister, she lost track of what could of been. If Austria-Hungry focused on herself, she would of had a chance to last much longer. However she was blinded by glory.

In paradox terms, Austria-Hungry played tall, waaaaay too tall. However, unlike in Vicky II, there is no IRL ~ button you can press to give yourself 2G of wealth. Now there were more issues here. Such as non-hegemony, which I will cover in a later date. But in the end, if only Uncle Otto annexed Austria. Thank you for reading, don’t hurt yourself, God bless.

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