it’s over!

well now it’s all over, the Muller report has, for the most part, dropped. No collusion. 2 years, millions of dollars, just so we could hear, no collusion. I’ll be the first to admit, leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

However this was for the best. Hopefully now we can move on and forget about this. However that is not how the real world works, huh? (I always hated that phrase)

Already some more fringe parts of the democratic party are crying foul. Others are trying to get the whole report released. Which I fully support.

Party leaders already have an up hill battle. They need to secure both the moderates, the die hards, the old guard and the DSA branch.

If they don’t it could make the up hill battle of 2020 even worse. If they can’t control their base it could push the center to vote for trump and the GOP.

This is not a good day for the left wing, only time will tell how bad. Thank you for reading, dont hurt yourself and Godbless!

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