The time has come.

The biggest issue of the 2020 election is being decided as we speak. As the Robert Mullet investigation into the relationship between the trump 2016 campaign and the Russian government come to a close, the whole nation holds its breath. Both Canadains and Untied States Amercian.

If the reports so far are wrong, and more indictments is needed, it could cost Trump the election.

If the report shows there was no collusion between the trump campaign and the Russian government, or not an illegal one, it would give whoever wins the democratic nomination an up hill battle in 2020.

Now there is a chance that it could be a extreme situation of either case. If that is the case, well the future of either the Democratic party or the Republican party, is at risk.

Am I saying a single report could destroy a whole party? No! not at all! What I am sayig is that it would cripple one of the two parties for some time. Which could allow for a meme third party to gain much ground.

Now they won’t be able to over power one of the major parties. But the libertarian could pick up some votes, and maybe, just maybe. Gain a member of the house. Or more likely they gain a lot of voters, giving many hope for their future. but for now that is all I got! Until next time! Thank you for reading, dont hurt yourself and, God bless!

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