A simple idea.

When I saw this tweet by the fabulous J.J. McCullough, it reminded me of something I once made. I rushed over to my old laptop, holding up the nearly broken screen. Waiting for almost an hour for it to turn on. holding the charger at the right position. Only to find the thing I was looking for was on the cloud. What was I looking for? Simple! in 2018 or 2017, I forget which, I had an idea. I wanted to test if I could recreate the 2016 election under the system I had thought up. So I spent most of my IT class time for about a week making sure it was perfect. I rushed to show it to the other political nerd in the class. all he said was “hey that’s Cool” And I thought so too. And I just kind of left it there. To float in the cloud until this tweet by J.J. It reminded me of the system I had created. So without further ado, my friends my idea for the electoral collage! I would love to have a discussion about my idea. Just hit me up! my emails are open, so is my twitter dms. Thank you for reading, don’t hurt yourself, God bless!

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