For I see the fires asire

When the drums of war once more grow closer and closer to our once great lands, the question of whose side we will be on is of the utmost importance. Some may say “No war is coming, no war drums are being beat, no blood is going to be shed” to them I simply say, look south. Look to New Zealand, a place where monster was able to play us all like puppets, divide us, cause more it’s ilk to come and kill. No matter what flag they fly, they seek the same thing. War.

The next great war is coming, it can be stopped, like everything. That is true. However, I do not think our leaders fear it like we do. How can I say such a thing? Look to their sons and their daughters, do you think they are at risk of having to hold a weapon of war and commit murder?

No. They call our sons and our daughters their own when their wars start. There are some leaders, true in heart and in mind, like the Teddy Roosevelt who was not only to let his own son fight in the first great war, but fought in wars himself.

Now to the question at hand, whose side are we on? To that, I can not truly answer. Will we fall into a civil war, like the monster in new Zealand wanted? Or will we join along side the allies once more? Perhaps a new alliance, in line with our slow shift towards the east. Maybe we commit to the unholy alliance of Russia and America. Or maybe something I can not guess. I will not lie. I don’t know.

The reason why I don’t know which name we will fight under, is simple. The battle lines have yet to be drawn. Will the next great war grow the two American states closer? Or will the US and Canada only be pulled apart? Or will we stop the coming conflict with ease? There is no way to tell.

I am sure, you want peace. I do too. Hell, I am able to be drafted, I want it more then many in this nation. So how can we do it? Well, the best guess is simple. Don’t fall for the divide. Talk to others on the other side of the political space. Listen to their words, let them hear yours. While neither of you may move on your ideals, you may come to find a simple agreement somewhere. You many come to understand each other. You may make friend or two.

That is how we can stop this war, be fixing this great gap that is tearing us apart. Just because you think you’re right, doesn’t mean the other person is a terrible human being. If you’re unwilling to accept that, you are already lost. You’ve become a puppet to those seeking this war. I hope you cut your strings. I hope and pray. A war is coming, stop and you’ll hear it. Unless we band together, as one nation, under God, we will fall and millions will die. But I resign. I shall see you tomorrow, thank you for reading, don’t hurt yourself, God bless!

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