The Grandpa of Panism

Often, when I have to explain Pan-Amercainism to someone, they are often confused. In that case, I often point to Ireland as a case for Panism. In the fact that Ireland and Northern Ireland are still one nation, just divided. While some still are confused, this often helps me in explaining my ideals.

While I can’t wait to see a united America, I do badly want to see a untied Ireland. While I know one is much more likely then the other, just let me dream okay? The Irish are a strong and proud people, who will never fall from my heart. No I am not gonna say how my great-grandfather was Irish or something, trying to make myself look Irish.

Ireland is in my heart because of their music, their stories. and most of all. Their culture. Ireland is a wonderful place truly. Full of wonderful folks. (Like the late-eight-beers-McGee.) Ireland is a vanguard of many ideals I agree with. They stand strong in facing a much larger, and stronger, country.

Often they know they will lose, but they fight anyways. Why? Well it’s better then nothing. And that, is wonderful to me. For now, I am going to go play as an Irish count in CK2 and take over a everything. Until next time! Thank you for reading, don’t hurt yourself, God bless!

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