The fall of Justin Trudeau?

The Prime Minster has been in some hot water as of late. This has been covered by many Canadians, and if you to get caught up, I would recommend Philly D’s wonderful video. Which I will link here.

So with this in mind, we must ask ourselves. Can Trudeau ever recover from this? Well, maybe. However this may of been the worst election for this to happen? Why is that? Two words: Maxime Bernier.

Just who is this man would could bring down Trudeau? The next Prime Minster? No. Not even close. Maxime Bernier will lose. However, he is from Quebec. Which often, votes for Quebecois. You can see where I am going with this! So just whom has Quebec voted for? Often their own party Bloc Québécois. Unless we go back to 2011. Look at this graph

Canada 2011 Federal Election.svg

My God they voted for the NDP! Why not BC? Simple. Very simple. The leader of the NDP at that time was from Quebec! Does this mean Quebec will leave many of it’s left wing ideals to vote for a right wing man? ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. While Quebec is moving towards the right, in the case of nationalism, it is not that grand of a move yet.

Maxime Bernier may help to make a right wing push into Quebec. If he is willing to sallow his pride, he may be able to help Andrew Sheer win the election. A Conservative/People’s party coalition could be powerful.It could be able to gain a ton of Quebecois to the Right wing. The current Prime Minster has a up hill battle to fight if he wants to keep his office. The best chance for him to win? Well, most likely he would have to distance himself from the corruption and fight hard to regain voters. It will be an up hill battle, but it’s anyone’s game right now. Thank you for reading, don’t hurt yourself, God bless!

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