The southern fire grows in darkness.

As the two men fighting for control of Venezuela march onward in rival rallies, the poor south american nation only finds itself in a deep hole of further troubles. Something most of us in the west take for granted, electricity, was at one point all but gone. Reaching, according to this wonderful graph, an unbelievable five percent I can’t even imagine to horrors these families are going though.

To give you a idea of how powerless Venezuela is right now

While I do often pray for the poor
Venezuelans who live though a hell I can’t even being to think of; there is nothing that can be done. For if we tried to bring in aid, that would be to support one side. We must not support either side in the coming conflict. While I do not support the tyrant who leads Venezuela, the simple fact is foreign intervention never leads to peace or to a long term solution to the issues at hand. The US and other governments MUST let the people of Venezuela lead themselves though these dark times. Now I know that hot take might not sound well to many folks, however. I don’t care, this is my blog. I say what I want. But I guess I should try to give a reason to why I am saying these things, hm? Easy. The middle east. Nothing good has come out from near non-stop intervention. I say as long the conflict doesn’t seem to be spreading to other lands, or other world powers aren’t getting involved, stay the hell out of it.

So, though that, the Korean war was a good form of intervention. Since the USSR was sending guns and such to the communist north. Whereas Vietnam? not so much. Even if we don’t like the government of a foreign nation, who are we to tell them how to live? As long as they are not a threat to us, I say let them be.

Now if they dare attack us, well. Well, bomb them to hell, show them what for. Find old Teddy’s big stick and wack them to Mars. Maybe let Elon put a Space-X flag on them too. WOW, I got off topic fast. Thank you for reading, don’t hurt yourself, God bless!


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