The three western cities.

While the Western world has shaped the movement of all global geo-political discourse for a long time, longer then anyone alive today, there is something that is hard to define. The west itself, the borders of the west are hard to nail down, then culture even more so. Often times not many people know what the west even is.

I’ll admit, it’s hard to define the west due to the grand massive scale that it is. So how do I define the west? Simple, Athens, Rome and, Jerusalem. What the hell do I mean? Well Athens is the mind of the west, it’s were our world views, politics, philosophy come from. Think of Plato, Aristotle, Diogenes(The best one), Socrates, and so many more. These men are the foundation of logic of the west.

Now to mighty Rome, the eternal city, the home of the greatest Empire to ever live! Hell, they even MADE the idea of the Empire, something ABOVE a kingdom. Alas, I digress. Rome is the body of the west. Rome, though blood, iron, sweet, war they forged an Empire that it’s greatest has yet to be passed once more. This is were the west finds our ideas of conquest, of war, of fighting from. Our tactics, our plans, our strategy , all come from Rome. Think of Romulus, Gaius Julius Caesar, Augustus, and so many more. I probably should move on, or else I’ll talk about Rome all day long.

Jerusalem, the place where Christ was hung on the cross. Christian or not, the effect of the Christian church has had a MASSIVE impact on the west. Some would argue that the west comes from Christianity. Now this is where, you guessed it, the heart of the west comes from. Our faith, our love, our very will to live, all comes from this city. While this part may get some folks mad, it is the fact that the west would be nothing without any of these cities. If you disagree let me know. For now, thank you for reading, don’t hurt yourself and God Bless!

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