Hell no we won’t go.

Well, it has begun. The road to war has been open and the two nations speeding down the blood stained road? Pakistan and India, two nuclear powers. I pray to God in the highest that the destroyer of worlds is only an symbolic phrase for nuclear weapons.

Neither Amercian Goverment, to my knowledge , have openly and fully supported either nation. However that does not change the fact that I am sure both would support India.

While I do think both India and Pakistan are not the best of nations, I do think that Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi is risking NUCLEAR WAR just to try to gain political support.

If this does go to nuclear war, I do believe the US and Canada should send not a single bit of aid to either nation.

I say, if they do go to war(I pray they don’t), we should just let them burn each other down and do our best to make sure no nukes are dropped. Thank you for reading, don’t hurt yourself, God bless.

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