Trump’s gay crusade

well, here we go again.

After Iran showed a level of barbarism that I thought was left in the medieval times (AGAIN) Trump has pretty much started a crusade against anti-homosexual laws across the globe.

Now we can sit here and argue all day long about trump’s goals. However in truth, as long as the job gets does the goal really matter?

I’m more interested in the point of this blog, pan-Americanism. What does this mean for the US and Canada?

Well, I do think, it helps to bring the US and Canada closer together. As the current Prime Minister of Canada is pretty openly supportive of the LGBT community.

However, this also shows something, as America’s default state is isolationism. This shows that Americans are not at internal peace. In truth the only time America can pull away can lay down our guns is when we feel at peace. While there may be minor wars but nothing on a national level.
In truth when America finds peace in ourselves we can sore to new heights. I think this move by trump might be good for pan-americanism but is not a sign that we are closer to peace. Thank you for reading, don’t hurt yourself, God bless!

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