Why the US and Canada should unite. A write-in by Micheal S. Brown

I would like to discuss a small part of the benefits to having a united Canada and America. First off, let’s discuss the potential economic benefits toward the United States and Canada becoming one nation. Obviously free trade between both societies with a complete lack of border would allow businesses to expand rapidly between both nations and be a boon to the economy, but also businesses that had once crossed into the US from Canada or went to Canada from the US can hire from both nations along the border thus increasing job opportunities for Americans over all. Then there is the argument of resources. Canada holds vast amounts of oil, natural gas, minerals, trees, fresh water and untold countless other resources in its territory. Many of the resources are proven and many more have yet to be discovered. Canada has a population less than that of California’s and doesn’t have the people needed to be able to exploit and sell these resources. Resource wise Canada is rich beyond measure just like Russia… but like Russia there simply aren’t enough people living in Canada to be able to build the infrastructure, create companies, and hire the workers needed to extract and refine said resources.

The United States on the other has a booming population o 320 million people that is actually growing unlike many developed nations. Opening up the borders would allow many workers from the United States as well as already founded companies to go into Canada and develop the enormous expanse. Canada and Alaska really are the last frontier of North America and those two regions alone are among the richest in resources. Canada alone holds more fresh water than any other nation on Earth… a commodity that is going to become ever scarcer in the future with climate change. Speaking of climate change, the great American grain belt is expected to extend further North which will open up vast regions to agriculture as permafrost melts. Canada and Russia are both expected to become agricultural superpowers by the end of the century… why not continue America’s supremacy in that for another 200 years? The United States and Canada combined would make it the largest super power on Earth and would have more arable land than even a post global warming Russia would have.

One aspect that many have forgotten about in regards to why a US and Canadian unification would be beneficial is the concept of an energy independent United States. In the 1970’s OPEC caused a massive recession in the US when they shut down oil shipments to America in order to get what they wanted out of us. Since then, every President and Congress that has come into office has pushed and done all they could to get this country as energy independent as possible. This is one of the reasons fracking is being supported so heavily in the United States even though it comes with large costs… because American needs to be independent on its oil production and consumption as well as natural gas. Without being independent in such a key resource, we can be held hostage by other nations that don’t have America’s interest at heart like Saudi Arabia did in the 1970’s. Canada is already America’s largest supplier when it comes to oil and natural gas and the US is actually very close to being independent in its own oil production and is now the world’s largest oil producer. If the two combined, this would jump the US to energy independence even quicker than we already are and would untie approximately 1.5% additional GDP growth to the US economy every year.

Besides for just trade between Canada and the US, foreign trade would boom. A key shipping route is becoming more open every year with climate change… the arctic. This would cut days off of shipping between Asia and Europe and is increasingly becoming more and more important. Russia and China are already trying to lay claims to that route… but we mustn’t let them. America supremacy in shipping lanes around the world have led to free trade between all nations. America’s navies have protected those routes from pirates and oppressive governments for decades and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. This new arctic route will one day become ice free all year around rather than just a few months of the year… and when that happens this trade route may become the most important shipping lane on the entire planet as it will bring all the developed nations of the world a lot closer than they already are. These are just a few of the economic benefits as to why the US and Canada should join together. If anything, the additional resources would practically nullify America’s debt situation and guarantee American supremacy for another hundred to even five hundred years.


—————- In NY Times Post it mentions this book which goes into a lot more details how this merger would benefit Canada and America beyond imagination: “Diane Francis’ new book, “Merger of the Century: Why Canada and America Should Become One Country” (HarperCollins), is out this week.”

“The author of this short essay is Michael S. Brown. He served in the United States Navy for 6 years and is now a medical professional residing in the United States.”

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