Saturday rantings! Congress for the Internet

Time and time again governments of the world have proven themselves unable to determine what is best for the Internet and its culture.

I truly do believe and the only ones who can best defend the Internet and her growing culture is the Internet it self .

I’m think complete sovereignty of the Internet should be given up to a Congress of Internet users whom are elected by other Internet users.

They shall lay out the rules and procedures the Internet must follow by and Internet service providers as well.

I believe the to be a three house Congress. One that users elected based off party. so if 20% of users vote for a party 20% of the 1st house should be of that party

The 2nd house shall require any internet user who wishes to vote to declare the website they use the most. Pretty much thus would become like the house of representatives for the US. The more a website has the more representatives it can pick! However a website wants to pick it’s representatives is up to the website owner(s)

The third house shall be made up of all countries that comply with the rules the Congress sets forth. Each countries may send ONE Representative.

Any bill must be passed by all THREE houses. Each house shall appoint a leader and out of those leaders they shall pick one non-representative to be the head of the Congress.

I think it would be the duty of ISPs and internet users to fund the internet Congress. Also I think all internet users should boycott any ISPs who do not comply with the rules the Congress sets forth. I would love to hear your ideas! Thank you for reading, don’t hurt yourself, God bless!

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