In certain times the issue of national sovereignty becomes one of the utmost Importance. In order to better ourselves and our nation and our 2 countries, should we give up some national sovereignty for the betterment of our people?

This is a highly debated question throughout the world, asking me seen with the Brexit Referendum on leaving the European Union. Is a British people stated that it would be better to have national sovereignty over any benefits the EU provides.

However in some cases nations are willing to give up national sovereignty in order to better their people.

Any time a nation gets foreign aid they are giving up parts of their national sovereignty as often for a packages have certain obligations they must meet.

My friends we must understand this truth. You have sometimes national sovereignty is more important than the benefits of giving it up would provide. However other times giving up some national sovereignty can be a good thing and something we should fight for. Often it is a great area with no real answers.

I believe Americans to survive the coming troubles, we must stand firm in our beliefs and honestly answer the question of national sovereignty. Thank you for reading, don’t hurt yourself,God bless!

One thought on “Sovereignty

  1. I agree with you on this one. Also in the future to help protect our borders and claims in the arctic region, having the US and Canada unite under a single flag will make it MUCH easier to protect both American and Canadian assets from Russia, China and other nations trying to take resources from up North.

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