Saturday Rantings: The Cub Content Question.

Discord has had roller coaster of controversies like banning a poplar YouTuber, and now they had to deal with major, and costly, back last over animal cartoon child porn.

Cub content is a lot like the awful loli and shota crap that plauges the internet. Let me make this clear, cartoon child porn is still child porn.

While it’s not as bad as raping a child, it’s still awful to comuse, disteube, create, etc, any form of this content.

Jail time should be give to those who participate in such a evil act.

The fact that not only did it take discord this long to ban it officially, not only they allowed a cub content enthusiast on their effectively mod team, they also allowed that mod(allthefoxes) to help with the mass reporting of many right wing discord servers!

The fact many users got banned for being outrage that furry child porn was allowed is down right immoral.

Now discord has banned cub content, and from what I have seen, has also fired allthefoxes. I hope discord can repair trust with their users. Thank you for reading, stay safe, and God bless!

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