Saturday rantings: Further unity?

A comment by my friend on a post earlier called for unity with other English speaking nations. The question is, should we?

Well it should would bring in more income, but are all English nations fit to be within one Goverment?

Has there ever been a republic that has had so many nations in it before?

Could any of our systems work in such a large multi nation contury?

These are questions we must ask ourselves!

While I think Australia and New Zealand would easily fuse into a union, I doubt England ever could.

England is tied to the monarchy, even though there are some who want it gone, it’s so ingrained into them as a nation state, I doubt there could be and England without an English crown.

This is not to say id be unhappy to see them want to join us. I just don’t think our nation’s could ever be under the same Goverment.

While we must fight for a United America, we must not over reach. New Zealand, Australia, England, Scotland, Wales and, Ireland are all nations who speak English. However I am a Pan Americanist, not an Pan Englishist, I want America to be united, not the English world. Thank you for reading, don’t hurt yourself and God bless!

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