A simple question.

If the US and Canada are one nation and should be united under one government, does that mean we shouldn’t allow other nations within our borders?

If the answer then annexation of Hawaii was a mistake, would it not? This is the issue I shall speak of today.

To those of you who answer no, I must ask, do you support Scottish freedom from London? Do you support Tibet to once more raise her flag across her lands?

In truth, if one nation seeks to join the government of a differnt nation, I don’t see why not! they would be pros and cons to look over, and there would be cases where it wouldn’t be a good idea, however, it’s still something they could work for.

I bring this up, because, what if America becomes so wealthy that other nations seek to join us? While I don’t think we should welcome in Mexico, I do think it’s a good idea to be willing to grow our borders.

Sometimes a nation knows that it’s time has come. So they let their people become one with some other nation so they may know peace. However, it must never be forced. I hope I am clear. As always, thank you for reading, don’t hurt yourself and God bless!

One thought on “A simple question.

  1. Well, personally I think Canada should simply be the focus as getting the other nations that are similar culturally and economically to join the United States would be an impossible task. Meanwhile a Canadian-American unification have actually been discussed quite frequently and are a real possibility in the far future. Even news media have discussed the possibilities and there are books written on the concept. https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2014/04/why-the-us-should-merge-with-canada-105610


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