SOTU special post.

Tonight is the night, where we watch the POTUS pretty much just talk about how great he is and how Congress needs to support everything he does.

I’ll be trying to update this post as the event goes on. God bless you all!

1) Trump has started the speech, the VP and the Speaker clearly want to duke it out, it’s great

2) why did the FLOUTS get a standing clap but “my fellow Americans” doesn’t?

3) “As one nation” THEY WHY ISN’T CANADA HERE? lol

4) is the speaker looking at her phone? lol

5) “Victory is winning for our country” I bet he proud of that

6) SIX OF JUNE 1944, ALLIES ARE TURNING THE WAR, and also those old me as so cute! awww the one who stood to quickly


8) Awww buzz, my first childhood hero! 

9) Why does the speaker have so much water in front of her?

10) The speaker tried to clap in Trumps face, I’m dying.

11) The common good is a terrible goal, remind me to write about that soon

12) Ben Carson looks stoned as always 

13) Come on CBS show me the Josh!

14) What is going on with the speaker’s mouth?

15) that one guy who keeps saying “yeah” and “woo” is amazing 

16) I think Mitch needs to take a dump, lol.


18) U-S-A! U-S-A!U-S-A!U-S-A! awww come on didn’t last long enough 

19) I love it when they show the Dems, they all look so dead

20) The girl be hide Alice Johnson looks dead

21) Trump is really trying to win of blacks, wonder if it’s working

22) Why is chuck so low down in his seat?

23) OOf Trump just pulled the “they live be hided gates” card. MEGA KILL

24) I feel so bad for that young women, so brave of her to stand there.

25) Someone get the POTUS a hankey! he is croaking up!

26) I wonder what most ICE  folks think about Trump.

27) he is saying wall again, interesting. 

28) He has yet to say MAGA, WHERE IS THE REAL TRUMP?

29) I high key love how Trump is chatting with the sea of white. Great moment. “don’t yet” HOLY HELL I’M DEAD


31) Say what you want about Trump, gotta love how he stands up to the PRC

32) President Poo be- uh I mean Xi, is a tyrant that needs to be stopped 

33) Mitch McConnell looks like he is sick, hope he is well!

34) Awww so cute, God Speed Grace!

35) School choice, oh boy, here we go.

36) Man the right has been going hard on Pro-Life. 

37) I wonder if NATO will last

38) did anyone else hear the old windows start up sound?

39) I wonder why the speaker didn’t stand for the Venezuela part? Isn’t this something we should all get be hide?

40) “Socalism” “BOOO” and then the slow zoom into Bernie with the “I gotta get the hell out of here look”


42) “THEY DO BAD BAD THINGS” God bless 

43) Happy birthday Judah!

44) “It’s the Americans!” I’m in tears right now.

45) Such a great friendship story! amazing


47) Tim Kane just wants to leave lol.

48) ONE NATION, UNDER GOD, IND- oh shoot dang it. 

49) Over all pretty good speech, very Trumpy, but the good Trump. Thank you for reading, don’t hurt yourself, God bless!

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