An open letter to a friend

(Sadly Mr. Beast did not go through with the plan. He did make a cameo sadly, it was not the moment of glory I was hoping for)

Last night my friend commented on my post: Saturday ratings #2: SUB TO PEWS. While I would recommend reading the comment to better understand what I am talking about.

While the comment did give me some thought-provoking time. It was not for the right reason. By him trying to “gatekeep” the internet. (Gatekeeping is defined by UD as a word used to describe when someone sets a standard/limit on what someone must do to call themselves a ‘true fan’ of something/someone.) While he is a strong supporter of net neutrality, I have a much more nuanced viewpoint on the matter, while I am not going to talk about that here (as this for Pan-Americanism and it is not Saturday) what I am going to say is something we need to get to the point of fast.

We are all Americans, no matter where you land on any political test, as long as you were born on Americana soil(US and Canada), and or to American Parent(s). You’re an American.

I fear that we might not see any Canadians who disagree with us as an American. That is wrong. They are just as much of an American as any other. We are from the same nation after all.

So I plead you, never utter the words “you’re not a real American” Americans come in all forms. We are above what can be easily put into words. American culture is so rich, only we would create an epic tale of space wizard who blows up his dad’s boss’s ball of death to save the galaxy from evil.

Even Americans have the issue with figuring out who we are. That is where the awful phrase “America has no culture” comes from. American culture is so differnt from anything else. America was born and lives from the will to be free.

Our culture is so hard to understand, that even the most American song (American Pie) is said to make no sense. But it still does, it’s not meant to make sense. It’s meant to be a farewell to an old friend and to be American. It doesn’t matter if a non-american understands it, it makes sense to us, that is all that matters. Thank you for reading, don’t hurt yourself, God bless!

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