Saturday ratings #2: SUB TO PEWS


The internet is like nowhere else. I have made a majority of my friends from here. I have found a home here. However, this, right now, is our moment. This is the moment when we show the world we are not some dumb trend.

What do I mean by this? Simple, the Pewdiepie vs T-Seris war. It is simply not just a funny meme. But the moment the internet unites and makes our voices heard. Not only have we been making news time and time again with this, but there is also a chance we may be in the super bowl. (Mr. Beast is a patron saint of the internet)

The pewdiepie t-series war is not just about keeping him on top, it’s about proving we can. This battle has been raging for a long time now, longer then anyone thought possible, hell even Pews has kind of forgot about it.

The fact the internet can fight back such a huge powerful company with only about 25% of the internet on board. Imagine what we could do if all of the internet would bang together. I remember staying up late on 4chan helping to work with HWDU, the number of geniuses I met was amazing(and made me feel pretty dumb as well).

The internet is full of talent, we need to band together to fight not only t-series but also to free the internet of world governments, we must make the internet be ruled by itself. I will talk more about my ideas for that later. For now, sub to pews, unsub from t-series, thank you for reading, don’t hurt yourself, God bless!

2 thoughts on “Saturday ratings #2: SUB TO PEWS

  1. it’s weird hearing you say how important the internet is to you, when you have told me that your not in total support of Net Neutrality.I still understand why you had initially told me that. And your belief is valid and I see it being possible and helpful, but i feel like things are too delicate, and net neutrality keeps the Internet in this stage were we can love it for what it is, and without it, that could become compromised. I think you should write an article about that.


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