Where to focus?

We must admit that it’s a long road, it will take a long time before we can make a change in this world. However, if we work hard I know we can do it! However, could we really unite our nation by ourselves?
I think we do, we will waste time if we try to do it all once. I think the best way to do it would be to focus on one part of Canada at a time. But which?

Well, lets firstly rule out the territories, they are so small, it wouldn’t really matter or make us any headway. We should rule out Quebec as they are their own nation, and as such, should not join the US. Next, we should rule out Ontario, as they hold Ottawa, it would be pretty hard to make any inroads there. Next, we rule out Newfoundland. Newfoundland is too far from the US and would be pretty isolated. British Columbia is too big and is pretty strongly pro-Canada. Now that leaves us with Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and, New Brunswick. That is a lot, huh?

I have talked about this before, I think Alberta is our best bet. Not only do they have a large conservative base, who let’s be fair, are more likely to support unification of our people.

The national support of the changing of the rule of Alberta is of the utmost importance. Alberta MUST support such a move, as too should the majority of the nation.

Once the US has Alberta, it is more than likely that Quebec would leave and become a free nation at last! Once that happens I bet many other parts of Canada will join the US, leading to a snowball effect.

In truth, we must only fight for the first part of the moment, once we get the ball rolling our fellow Americans will do the rest. This is not to say it will be easy, however, it is possible. Thank you for reading, don’t hurt yourself and God bless!

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