Annexation or Unification?

During the build up to WWII Adolf Hitler claimed that the German nation needed to be untied. He sought the lands of any German speaking people, in doing so he forced Austria into the Third Reich. He had annexed Austria.

When the cold war was coming to a close, the Berlin wall was smashed into rubble. This would soon make East and West Germany come together under one government. West Germany did not *annex* East Germany, they had *unified* with them.

So what is the difference? Well, in truth this is one of those words that Pan-Americanism kind of changes. I know, but it’s important to note this. Texas unified with the US. Scotland was annexed by England. I do not want Canada to be annexed, I want America to be unified.

I can not stress how much we should drum that into this young movement. We need to make sure this is one of the critical ideas of our movement; if we do not, we will fail. We can not force unification, only preach for it, and push for it. I know this might seem like I am saying this a lot, I am just making sure this is stated.  with that said. Thank you for reading, don’t hurt yourself, God bless!

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