An Attack on all.

I would like to start this post with an apology. I normally write my posts a day ahead, however, I found out about this just today. If my quality seems lower today then that is why again I am sorry my friends.

However, with that out of the way, we need to understand something and make something clear. One of our own is on death row in the tyrannical, communist, oligarchy of the so-called “People’s” “Republic” of China.

In truth, they are a Republic nor are they for the People. The CCP is for their own greed and lust for blood. They lack love for their fellow countrymen. These truths have only shown themselves again to every willing eye with the Chinese courts putting Mr. Robert Schellenberg on the death row. The corrupted courts claim that he had been trying to smuggle illegal drugs.

He had been having trials for years now, and only now seek to end this (Clearly innocent) man’s life. Isn’t it kind of odd how it lines up with the heroic Canadain arrest of the CFO of Huawei. It is clear that this man was kept as a pawn in the authoritarian regime that plagues this planet.

The ultimatum given to the Canadain Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is clear. “Give us our person and we will give you yours”. If the CCP does not care about their own nationals why would they make such an ultimatum? Simple, the coming trade war.

If what is true about Huawei(that they are merely a front for the CCP to spy on foreign governments, and line the pockets of the CCP and their Leader Winne the Pooh Xi Jing Ping) comes out to the general public, this will give Donald Trump a leg up in the trade war.

I know this will not make me many friends, so I call on all American eyes that may see my words to rise up. An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. Boycott Chinese goods. Speak up, make your voices heard. I will take back every negative thing I said about Justin Trudeau if he stays the course. Fight on Mr. PM. This is the chance for our people look our oldest foe, tyranny, in the eyes and say “no more”. We are Americans, we fight for our nation, our people, our family, our God, and our freedom above all. We should act like it. God Speed, good luck Mr. Robert Schellenberg I pray for your freedom. Thank you for reading, have a great day, don’t hurt yourself, God Bless!

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