Give me internet, or give me death.

Liberty is the soul of America. The idea of you is your own person, allowed to go where ever you want whenever you want. In America, many of us have rights that many other nations don’t have. Sadly we may be the last hope for the free internet.

The internet is my home, I never felt welcomed anywhere, but here. Here I can be the person I always wanted to be. Sadly my home is under attack. With the coming end of most internet freedoms in the EU(In the form of Article 13) I fear this may set a dark tone for the coming decade.

The internet is the new wild west. However, here while there are awful, awful, AWFUL, humans. There are some of the best I have ever meet. I have laughs with you, and we may not even know each other. We may have talked for hours once, and never thought we would meet again. Well, it’s good to see you old friend.

I know, Jj WhAt DoEs ThIs HaVe tO dO wItH pAn AmErIcAnIsM?

It has everything to do with Pan Americanism. You could argue that the internet is the one who made our nation one. Yes, Canada and the US were not always the same nation. Nations are not static, they change.

While Canada and the US became closer and closer before the Internet, only with the birth internet did we truly became the same people. The way American is now defined by the internet. The internet is where American culture lives now.

As Americans, we must protect our new home. We must fight for the right of a free and open internet. No matter the cost. This is not a matter of silly memes, but a matter of our culture and way of life. Thank you for reading, have a great day, don’t hurt yourself, God Bless!

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