Are we the bad guys?

I do not, for a moment, think what we are fighting for is anything but just. However, this can be a possibly dangerous mindset. We mustn’t see our selves as pure and incorruptible. We have to start from almost nothing. The odds are not on our side. We must fight on, and that means being the best you, you can always be. We must lead by example, or else we will fail. We must be willing to risk so much that we inspire others with bravery.

However, in order to do this, we must always be asking ourselves. Are WE the bad guys? Are we hurting our people? Have we been blinded by ideology? If we are not to ask these questions, the answers will become clear to everyone but us. We will fail, we will fail. If we are not to question ourselves, we are merely dust in the wind.

So always question yourself. Always look at yourself as the hero and the villain. There is no one in this world who is truly good or evil. We are not the bad guys, I don’t think, not yet at least. But if we are to undermine the ideals this nation was founded on we will be. Well, there is my rantings in for the day, for now, I must say thank you for reading, have a great day, don’t hurt yourself, God Bless!

4 thoughts on “Are we the bad guys?

  1. That’s a very good question. Are we the bad guys? Well to answer that question I would like to present an argument on behalf of a different world. This world doesn’t exist and is simply fantasy… it’s the world of Star Wars. I know… silly right? However, it’s not so silly when we take into account that the governments and events that happened in the Star Wars universe can be related to real life ideas and ideals, it’s not so funny after all. Now take into account that my argument in relation to Star Wars is going to be based on the universe before Disney took over the title. Prior to Disney, the Star Wars Universe had other stories that were considered essential and part of the main story-line yet weren’t in the movies. Disney of course changed that and determined what was and wasn’t canon. For example: The Yuuzhan Vong were mostly canon prior to Disney.

    The Empire… the most powerful, richest, most technologically advanced civilization to have ever existed in the Star Wars universe. It’s power created vast wealth among its human populations across the entire Empire. The economy was flourishing and scientific research was releasing releasing new discoveries on almost a daily basis. The civilization seemed invincible… invincible if it hadn’t of been for a small group of rebel terrorists that destroyed one of the greatest achievements the galaxy had ever seen and in doing so killed millions of men, women and children who were stationed on that technological marvel. That great achievement was widely known as the Death Star. After the death of the emperor, many of the things that were achieved during the Empire were reversed. The economy collapsed, the galaxy fell into regions filled with civil war and unrest, and hundreds of billions if not trillions died in the wars and chaos that ensued its collapse. There was no unity… no order… just the remnants of what the Empire had created and a terrorist group proclaiming itself as the next great democracy… yet only bringing starvation and poverty.

    I wrote that in the eyes of an Imperial survivor. Obviously this person was pro-Empire and saw many of the great benefits. The movies only tell the story from one side… the side of the rebellion and that of the Jedi. But very rarely do the movies bring up the fact that during the Republic its military was incredibly weak. They also don’t discuss how the universe was out of balance with the force… It’s just like Yin and Yang… the dark and the light are absolutely necessary for each other’s survival. Without one the other cannot exist and by weakening the other it creates an imbalance in the universe that is actually fatal. The Jedi has in the past done many horrible things in the name of the light side and doing what is “good.” For example: The Jedi refused to join the Mandarin wars and in doing so allowed tens of millions to die and the Sith to rise up in rebellion against the Jedi causing the galaxy to erupt in civil war. In the movies the Republic was powerful only in name. It was so held up in bureaucratic ways that it allowed entire planets such as Naboo to get invaded by forces with negative intent. The Republic was weak, dying, and had lost its ways by the time the Empire evolved from it. In a way the Empire was the Republic… it simply transitioned into the Empire by changing its laws and transitioning from a Republic to that an authoritarian regime.

    Now the Empire did horrible things. It enslaved countless worlds and entire species were almost wiped out in the name of Imperialism. Humans fared well while countless sapient species were treated as second class citizens. When you bring in the genocide of entire planets by their super weapons… it’s quite obvious the Empire did immense evil and harm to the galaxy. However… there is another story, like the one I presented above. But what of the story of the Emperor himself. A lone Senator beloved by his people… he had little power to actually influence the entire Republic to do what was necessary to protect itself. As stated before the Republic was weak, and far to bureaucratic to defend itself against any major power. But what major power was there that could defeat a galaxy wide civilization like that of the Republic or the Empire? That is where the Yuuzhan Vong came in. It is quite possible that the Emperor had foreseen the Yuuzhan Vong. That species was ruthless and would have decimated all life in the galaxy. If the destruction of Alderaan seemed bad… imagine the genocide of an entire galaxy. We are talking about a number of sentient and sapient beings that is beyond counting. The destruction of Alderaan killed billions. The explosion of the first Death Star murdered tens of millions. But the Yuuzhan Vong wanted nothing more than the death of all intelligent life in the form that we as humans and other species enjoyed with relative freedom.

    The Emperor had foreseen these things and knew that the only way to stop them was by transitioning the Republic into a military hyper power… and that he did. He committed unimaginable acts of terror and evil yet by doing so, if he had succeeded, he would have stopped terror upon the galaxy that was beyond anything ever committed by the Empire. Explaining this story changes the view one has on the Empire in comparison to what is just simply told in the movies. Was the Empire then good? Was it evil? It did immense evil but do we really believe that the people who signed up willingly as officers and enlisted joined the Empire with the full intent of doing only evil? Or did those men and women feel they were doing good? We honestly won’t know the question to that because I doubt a theatrical story will be created in the account of an Imperial soldier or officer. We are made to believe the Empire is evil… and I would agree they are evil in comparison to the Old Republic. But by its destruction the entire galaxy was uprooted and billions upon billions died of starvation and trillions more fell into absolute poverty. The entire galactic economy and system of governance was destroyed overnight and the New Republic was never able to set it back into place. This destruction led to the invasion of the Yuuzhan Vong and in turn almost half the life in the galaxy was eliminated… including the capital Coruscant. With that mention, the Empire didn’t seem so bad after all.

    Now to bring that back to us. Are we good? Are we bad? We could always measure that by how much good is created versus the bad by the very idea of an American hyper power. The US is the most powerful, most technologically advanced and richest nation on the face of the planet entering the 21st century. It is a hyper power by all definitions having become the world’s sole super power although that may be contested mid-century. The US gets a lot of BS for having entered the many wars it has already fought and often is called Imperialistic. However, we usually ask for nothing in return when we fight for a nation other than a small plot of land to lay our dead soldiers to rest. We had an opportunity to annex Western Europe or at the least colonize it after WW2 just as the Soviet Union basically colonized East Europe. We didn’t however. We invested in West Europe and rebuilt and entire continent while leaving its people free. They complain now and say we put them in debt… but every nation is in debt and Europeans are on average living better lives than most people in the world… so I would argue otherwise. We entered the Korean war after and many people died for that war… but if we hadn’t of done so South Korea would have never existed which is a free, rich, technologically advanced, democratic society that rivals Japan. We attempted the same thing in Vietnam but failed drastically… but again did so at our costs knowing that a democratic Vietnam and a free market society would not only benefit ourselves but the people of South East Asia. We sent troops to Serbia and stopped a genocide when Europe refused… twice… and got nothing out of it other than more graves to bury our troops. We invaded Iraq… twice… the first time pulling our troops out to give the regime a chance to change their ways and the second time attempting to create a democracy. That government still exists now because of our fight against ISIS and Iraq is officially transitioning into one of just two democratic societies in the Middle East.

    The point is… are we evil for wanting America to remain a hyper power? No… when taking into account the vast amount of good the US has done over the bad, America over all has done far more good to the world than bad. We gave the world internet, airplanes, air conditioning, mass production, capitalism, and a global economic system that benefits billions across the planet. Our capitalistic global system has gotten more people out of poverty than ever in the history of humanity and even China, a Communistic nation that despises our free ways, is getting rich off of the same system. We know that by Canada and the US uniting as one power the US would remain the world’s only hyper power for at least the rest of this century if not for the next 500 years. Why would we want anything other wise? The US is the first super power in history that fights for the little nations, despises imperialism and the ideas of colonies having freed its own that it inherited from the UK, and pushes for human rights and democratic values more than any super power in previous history. I shudder at the idea of China being the next super power because I I know that the entire world follows in the footsteps of that power. China is a nation that doesn’t respect individual freedoms and the concepts of humans rights. It doesn’t believe that all men and women are born with undeniable rights that must never be taken away… No our society is completely unique. So are we evil? To some we are… because we do support American supremacy. But if America falls in its position as the world’s most powerful nation and the leader of the free world, then I would argue that the same chaos that happened to the Star Wars galaxy after the Empire fell would fall upon our own world. Viva la USA for it truly is a unique civilization.

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