On the matter of Government

Oh boy, I know. I know. I shouldn’t talk about the US government.

Today I awoke to see that the longest government shut down in US history, has ended. It lastest, to be fair, shorter then anyone thought. It was pretty quick when you account the players in the game.

The issue today, I thought of when I saw the headlines. “Could we do this, on our own?” Could we unite our nation without the governments? No.

However, we can do almost everything BEFORE the moment of unification without government. t

What do I mean by this? Well getting ready.

That means adding American flags everywhere in Canada. Getting Canadain companies in the US. Getting us on the same girds, getting unions to work as one. All of this can be done with little government help. Now we will need the government near the end of the movement, however, if we play our cards right, they will come to us.

So get out there! Spread the word! Buy American goods! Help bring us together. Make your own blog! Make a podcast if you want. Hell even a youtube channel. Get out there! I know you can do great things. Until next time thank you for reading, have a great day, don’t hurt yourself, God Bless!

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