On the matter of precedent

The topic I wish to discuss today shall be precedent for a legal unification of a nation divided. I shall seek to ask and then answer two differnt questions. One, do we have any precedent for a national unification on the scale I propose? Two, how would American unity shape global precedent of territorial shifts?

Firstly within recent times that I can find from research, we have two examples to look to, neither of which are on such a scale as the US and Canada becoming one. And in truth, both very differnt. I speak, of Crouse, of North Yemen and South Yemen, and the more well known East Germany and West Germany. While these unifications were more seen as an inevitability of the end of the Cold war (the unification would be based on who would have won the cold war), They still give most of us hope for unification. While it’s not apples to apples, it does provide us with at least something to point to, which is better than nothing. Is it not?

Now onto the next question, I proposed. If we do get unity, how would that affect the world? well, it would change a lot, but let’s focus on one thing. It would help breed, what I’d call Panism. So pretty much similar ideologies would take root around the world. Pan-Irishism, Pan-Arabism(number 2 electric boolga loo), Pan-Slavicism, maybe even Pan Bolivarism!  It would also breed legitimacy to these movements. It would push for unification globally. Such as North and South Korea, while it would not make them unify, it would push them closer to it Pan Americanism would only be the tip of the iceberg. 

No matter if you disagree or agree with me, there is one thing we must agree on. At the end of the day, Jar Jar Binks was a mistake. Thank you for reading, have a great day, don’t hurt yourself, God Bless!

2 thoughts on “On the matter of precedent

  1. I’m actually not sure it would breed pan-ism elsewhere, perhaps in limited circumstances. In most places in the world people identify very heavily with their nation. Even in Europe where countries are quite tiny in comparison to our own, national identity is heavy and cultural and societal differences are quite noticeable. Even their languages differ quite large with English being the only language that actually unifies them.

    Canada and America don’t have those issues. Although there are some cultural differences, over all we speak the same language, build the same kind of houses, have car based societies, believe in suburbs and the ability to live in the wilderness… our societies are so similar it often is hard to tell you are in one nation or the other if someone simply dropped someone from the sky into a large Canadian or American city. Canadians are honestly the most American non-Americans on the planet and Americans are often the most Canadian non-Canadians out there. Uniting these two nations would be far easier than uniting any other nation.

    The reason for instance that you aren’t pushing for Mexico to be included in this North American Union is because Mexico is inherently vastly different from the United States. Even the way they do democracy down there is far more different than between the US and Canada. There really isn’t any other nation on Earth that have more similarities and a larger relatively unprotected border than the United States and Canada. I believe if the United States and Canada joined together this wouldn’t push for pan-ism… but it may push for large nations like China and Russia to attempt annexation of smaller nations around them because they would feel that American supremacy just became that much more… supreme.


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