By any means?

Should we unite our nation, by any means?

Should we step over the rights of all Americans, to bring us under one government?

Should we start violent uprisings?

Should we riot?

Should we just send the US armed forced into Ottawa and take over?.

The simple answer is no. I touched on this before but I did not go as in depth with it as I would of liked, the simple fact is we must unite via a simple vote.

Now, we could protests, take to the streets. Which I would recommend.

Better yet, boycott non-American (Anything not from the US or Canada) goods. Hell, it is better to buy from the other country. So if you’re in the US buy from Canada, if you’re from Canada buy from the US. thank you for reading, have a great day, don’t hurt yourself, God Bless!

Not only would this help us pull out from the slave-based Chinese market, but it would also bring our nation closer via economic means. This would hopefully help get the world sober off the Chinese drug that seeks to destroy our western way of life. Speaking of which the RRC is the biggest threat to both the US and Canada. To most of the world, in truth, however, they pose a significant threat to our current way of life. The only two things that can stop them is a strong and united America and themselves. With their God-awful roads, ghost towns, lack of women(which will lead to a lack of low skilled labor), and growing international hatred; the PRC has truly lost most, if not all, of its friends and allies. 

Now let’s get back on topic. Shall we?
If we are to truly unite our nation, we must do it through the will of the people. Not the will of the few. Each part of our nation must willingly be here. We must not force anyone here. Doing so would be betraying the ideals our people fought for time and time again. 

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