Saturday rantings #1 Put down the highlighter and read the book.

Alright to keep this blog fresh and new, every Saturday I’ll do a rant on whatever I want to.
This way you can learn more about me, and I can learn more about you! Isn’t that fun? No, I am not running out of ideas, I swear. Also, I will talk a little about Pan-Americanism in each rant. Don’t worry. (Until I start getting write-ins, then I’ll start answering them here)

How long should it take to unite our nation? I don’t know entirely, however not soon. It would take a long time to get this movement off the ground from well, nothing. But hey, we have got to start somewhere. However, we must not go too quickly. If we are to do this via referendum, which is the only way to do it democratically, then we ensure that the first vote would be in our favor. That means getting the word out, spearing any pan-Americanist media as far as you can, telling folks who’d be willing to listen. If we are to be ensured victory, we must not lose the first battle.

Rant number one: Put down the highlighter and read the book.

My favorite book from school that teachers were forced us to read was To kill a mocking bird. Easy, hands down. Most hated? The Great Gatsby, also easy. Now there is one good reason I loved one and hated the other. To kill a Mocking Bird was NOT annotated for me. However The Great Gatsby? OH BOY, every page we would stop and annotate. 

Look here is the sad truth of the matter, no matter where, or when annotating ruins the flow of the book. Now that could be fine with reading some things (I.E., The bible were the message is what matter) however reading for fun (which is what schools are trying to foster) it only ruins it. Any time we annotate, it would just cause me to lose interest in the book.  Now let’s talk about my best English teacher ever. Let’s call him Mr. B. Now Mr. B. he was an extraordinary man.  He had been known to throw a desk, yell in Shakespearian English, and just be himself.I do look up to the man; he would teach Shakespear in a way that made us care about what was going on. He would even do something not most teachers do. Mislead us, whereas my teacher for the great Gatsby made us over annotate a line until we got to what he thought it meant, (Gatsby’s death) Mr. B openly would let us throw in our ideas as to what we thought was going to happen. My class thought that Hamlet was going to end with Hamlet leading a coup and dying, which isn’t how it ends at all. Mr. B would also have us do projects to show we understood what we read. However these projects, well he would have us make them something we would be proud of. He would often have us put our hobbies into it, no matter what he would make sure we enjoyed it. He’d even say “And if you can make it work as a project for a different class, go ahead!” Simply put, if we want kids to read we need to stop hightlighters and let kids read the books the way they want.

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