But Why?

Okay yeah, this is overdue. I know I know.
Let’s tackle the question as to why our nation should unite in three parts. Cultural reasons, Economic reasons, and political reasons. (CEP)

The hit or miss part of CEP, the C. culture. You either agree with this fully, or you don’t. The simple fact, in the pan Americantist view, is America and Canada are of the same culture.

How so? Well simple. Let’s think. If compare the English speaking world. Think about how differnt the Kiwis and the Aussies are? (One grows Australia shape chest hair, the other sends there whole nation to the bottom of the sea) don’t you imagine two fully differnt pepole?

Aussies are more the free loving, wild, kagroo punching, madlads of the English world.

We’re as Kiwis are more diverse, friendly, inviting, sane members of the English world.

While their cultures are similar, so too are Russian and Ukrainian. And those two want to kill each other!

No matter what it would be hard to say these two have the same culture. Now let’s move onto two nations that it is much more clear as to there nationality’s cultural differences.

Scotland and England. The joint Mothers of the English speaking world. I don’t think I will have to do much to show how differnt they are. Hell, just go on Twitter(not the political toxic side of Twitter) you can clearly tell who is Scottish who is English who is French who is anything really. If you look long enough. However, if they never bring it up. Do you think you could tell the difference between an American and a Canadian?

Just as much as you would a Missourian and a Texan. It is easier for those within our nation to see it. However, those outsides, can they really truly see it?

I’ll talk about the EP parts at a later date for now, as always thank you for reading, have a great day, don’t hurt yourself, God Bless!

2 thoughts on “But Why?

  1. There is also the concept of resources and mutual need for one another. The United States is the world’s most powerful, richest, and technologically advanced nation… so far. For the 20th century we determined the world’s alignment and unwillingly took up the staff of hyper power. Unlike the great powers of the past, America didn’t want to be a super power or rather world leader. The people in the United States wanted to remain mostly isolationist and that is the sole reason why we didn’t join WW1 and WW2 earlier. After WW2, we were the only country left on Earth that was developed that had a massive industrial base as well as large military power. Naturally, we took the throne from Britain almost instantly. This brought massive amounts of wealth to the US for most of the 20th century and even today we are still reaping the benefits. However there are problems on the horizon that America has never had to deal with before.

    A new cold war with China is likely going to occur in the near future. China’s massive wealth and increasing industrial base has surpassed us in terms of PPI and now they have planned to build 3 more aircraft carriers. Even worse is that they aren’t a democracy… American democracy and freedom has led the world for nearly 100 years but I can’t imagine what the world would be like if its leader was a Communist nation that didn’t have a care in the Universe for human rights and concepts such as liberty and freedom. Along with China we also have to worry about a rising Russia. Although Russia’s economy is falling, climate change is projected to make Russia an agricultural super power in the decades to come with its defrosting of the permafrost. This will make Russia rich once again. On top of that Russia is already and energy super power, has a military power that is just second to the US and rivals the United States with its nuclear weapons technology. That is the largest issue… any war with Russia would not remain conventional for very long.

    Russia is going to push into the arctic as it melts to claim the territories up there and the vast resources of oil and natural gas that are very likely to exist down there. They also want to take control of the trade routes that will open up in the arctic which is going to cut costs of shipping by significant margins. If they control those routes, they control world trade. Canada does not have the military power nor the population to defend or take advantage of their enormous amount of resources. On the other hand… only the United States does. It would be mutually beneficial for the United States and Canada to join together in the future. Only the US has the population, technology and military power to defend and take advantage of the enormous resource wealth that Canada contains in its northern regions… and only Canada has the oil, natural gas, metals and agricultural land to maintain the United States as a world leader economically, politically and militarily. By uniting as one, it I’ve seen projections that show the US would remain the world’s hyper power for another 100 to 500 years because not even China would be able to compete. This would literally create the most powerful civilization to have ever existed on the face of the planet… and this is why we must join together unless we want the 21st and 22nd century to the centuries of Russia and China.

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    1. Wow! well put! I was thinking about talking about something like this soon. Please, if you ever want to write for this blog contact me, I will be more then happy to put you on as a writer


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