I got one like, later virgins

Alright so in the short time I have had this blog, I have gotten ONE WHOLE LIKE. I know bow before me mortals.

In truth, the reason I bring this up is straightforward. Many would agree with Pan-Americanism. However due to the myth, Canada and American are two different nations, many fear supporting Pan-Americanism for fears of being called a “Dirty Imperialist!” However was Pan-Germanism imperialism? Did Prussia not help to unify Germany while risking being seen as a “Dirty Imperialist”. It is not Imperialism to try to unify your people. Our nation *must* be united to stand firm in whatever coming chaos there is.   The world is changing, nations are seeking power once more. We must be ready for the worst. We can not have our nation split in a second cold war.  No one can deny that the USA and the PRC are heading towards a cold war. We MUST be ready.  Thank you for reading, have a great day, don’t hurt yourself, God Bless!

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