How do we unite America?

I know this question will be asked again and again. How? I don’t know how is the best way but, in my head when I would dream of our nation being one I would see the dream playing out something like this.

Alberta, Canada’s rural Texas like province. Both have the conservative cowboy culture. Hell, from my understanding there is even a small Albertan separatist movement!

I do think Pan Americanism would flourish here, it would be the center of power for Pan Americanists, and I am willing to bet it would even join the US before it’s brothers in the Canadian state.

After that, if we stick with our guts, Quebec would make a new push for independence, there is no doubt in my mind that if even one part of Canada leaves( even as small as Pirnce Edward island) Quebec’s nationalism would return in a glaze of glory.

Once Quebec would be filled with national pride and the alike, many over provinces would question the power Of the Canadian state.

I am sure that this would help to breed support for Pan Americanism.

You may wonder why do I bring this all up? It’s simple. Canada is a house of cards. Once we take one bit out. Every thing will fall apart.

This is what we need to under stand. There may be little to no support here now. Once the ball gets rolling, there may be no easy way to stop it. Thank you for reading, have a great day, don’t hurt yourself, God Bless!

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