The Republic before unity!

I feel like I need to make one thing clear. The Republic comes before unity. If untieing our people means oppressing our rights, then we must stay apart. The truth is that America was founded on freedom. Freedom from Britain but that does not change the fact that our people are a free people. We must not, shall not, will not, can not, change that! Even if that means our nation would fall into endless different government, so be it. No matter the costs our nation must stay free.
If America is not free, then what is America? I’ll tell you, nothing. Think of the most significant culture parts of America, most relate to freedom and alike. Does it not? Both in the States and Canda.
After all let us not forget the words that I’d argue birthed the idea of an American nation-state. “Give me liberty or give me death!”
Those words carried throughout the word, as our motto. Hell even later during the civil war a famous song was “The battle cry of freedom.”
Why am I trying to prove Americans love freedom? Isn’t that a given? Well yes, but I feel like we need to start somewhere. I hope this post wasn’t too dumb, until next time. Thank you for reading, have a great day, don’t hurt yourself, God Bless!

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