Unification to whom?

When I have spoken about Pan-Americanism in real life, many ask “So does Canada become the 51st state or what?” I hope to answer what I think in this post.

There are a few ways it can go. I will state them all in the most unbiased manner I can. I will then say which I support.

Option 1) Take it all!

The US brings Canada in, making it the 51st state. This is pretty simple. Canada will just go through the paperwork Texas once went through. While this may be the most straightforward way, there are other ways that we must explore to ensure that the most straightforward way is the best way. While many may wonder if taking in such a vast territory would be healthy for the USA. I would like to remind you that California is more significant population wise. Also, Texas and California would both be more prominent than Canada in GDP. However, this would give the US one more large state that is sure to be at least lean blue. Only helping to weaken the already fragile current trust between the two sides. There is also a chance that the nation-sovereign nation of Quebec would not gain her freedom from this deal. Which I am sure would cause an unimaginable number of issues down the road. 

#2 Oh Canada!

Canada brings the US states in as provinces. While it would be a great meme to bring the whole US in as one province, I am not sure anyone would like that. This has the upside of a fresh political system for many in the US who feel our current system is broken.  Monarchists in the US would also get an excellent chance to live their dream. However, the Candian state would get a sudden rush of new citizens, and I doubt if their government could handle this. While we could do it to where Canada takes in one state at a time, I doubt this would fix most of the issues.

#3: Why not both?
Now we go onto the idea of the USA takes, not Canada, but it’s provinces while it would work like #1 it would have the added benefits of allowing more right leaning parts of Canada to have a voice. Also, it would make it much easier for Quebec to gain her long-awaited freedom. However, I wonder if many Canadians would support this option, as it would break up their state. Also, the Senate would become much slower and well more of what the normal joe things the Senate is. 

#4 Rule Britannia!
While both options follow the idea of one state should join the other, I know some will argue for something else. Something more like our Mother nation. (the UK) Like I talked about in my first post, the UK is a state of nations. Why not make a system like that? Maybe we could call it The American Union! While this would allow both states to keep some level of self-rule, it would also make it easier for any other nations that would want to join. (However, that would ruin the point of this whole Union) 

The AU would allow for a fresh new government! I know many of my countrymen may find themselves rolling their eyes at that idea, others may be drooling at the screen.
However following the way of Britain may be much more costly(New Government buildings, paying a whole new level of politicians, etc.) and pointless when there are a few cheaper ways to do it. 

Now for my input. I would prefer if #3 was the way we walked down this road. Not only would this give us the chance to do it block by block. (Say if Albert decides it wants to join the US) It would also allow us to have more stars on the US flag. Which I can say would be a good thing! I don’t think that if our nation were to unite, this would be the way to go. Not only would it help to bring our people under one flag. While the Senate and the House(which most likely would need a raise in seats) be overstuffed, I am sure that we can tackle that together if we tried. Best not if I got started on that though

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