The Road before us

Hello there, my name is JJ. I am a Pan-Americanist.

What is a Pan-Americanist you may ask? Well, it’s pretty simple, I want the two American states to become one. This may sound odd but please stick with me.
I define nations different the most.

I see a nation as independent from government. So a nation could have one, two, or even more governments. I define a nation as a people with a common culture, langue, creed, and often faith. I myself use the word ‘state’ as the entity that government runs.
Now let me ask you something. Are any of those things different for the USA and Canada? You may think the culture of our two states is different, but I would link to cite this video by a fellow JJ. (

Now I must clear something up, I do not want the POTUS to just gather the army and march into Canada and annex it.

In fact I don’t even want Canada to be ‘annexed’ into the US in truth. I want us to be unified via referendum.

Now for the question, I am sure everyone is going to ask. What of Quebec?
In truth, I do not see Quebec as part of the American nation. If I was to oversee unification. I would see Quebec granted Independence. They are their nation, however not a sovereign nation. Just as Scotland is not a sovereign nation, but a nation none the less
Britain is a GREAT  example of what the hell I am talking about.  The United Kingdom of England, Wales, Scotland and, North Ireland is a State of nations. 4ish in fact! See each of these are their own nation, but they are apart of state. This Union is has proven to pass the test of time. I hope this clears things up. Thank you for reading, have a great day, don’t hurt yourself, God Bless!

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